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    We are TEB GLOBAL
    The Entrepreneur´s Bridge
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    Three Key Pilars
    Talent | Network | Capital
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    Entrepreneurial Spirit
    Passion for work. Work with feelings
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    Areas of Activity
    Incubate and Accelerate Startups
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    Start Up
    Development Phase
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    Global Solutions
    Strategy Development and Implementation

About Us

The world and the economy are changing very fast, presenting continuous global opportunities for new talented generations.

How We Do It?

With the creation of different hubs and partnerships, and the international entrepreneurial experience of our team, The Entrepreneur´s Bridge (TEB Global) brings a platform for entrepreneurs to transform ideas and opportunities into real global companies.

TEB Global focuses on three pillars in every hub and project: talent, network, and capital to increase know-how, experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and financial possibilities providing each hub the opportunity to finance, test, and activate global projects with a very flexible and low-risk model.

TEB Global is, as its name suggests, a bridge between the entrepreneur and the world around us, a world where good ideas, work well done, a strong approach and tight support for every project can find a niche in domestic and international markets.

We study each project and business opportunity in order to allocate financial resources, materials, and staff according to its projection with mentors specialized in each industry and experience in national and international markets.

The collaboration with existing companies and public and private organizations provides a platform for new opportunities to grow and position themselves on the map.

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Where we are

We are where we feel home, we are where we feel connected.

  • Cartagena

    The bridge to everywhere

  • Dubai

    The place you can’t miss

  • San Francisco

    The technology hub

  • Singapore

    An open door to the modern east

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A Global Collaborative Bridge

An entrepreneur with a new business idea will find The Entrepreneurship Bridge as a platform to:

- Incubate and accelerate their concept, providing initial investment with “The Entrepreneurship Bridge” global network without the limitations of local or national financing possibilities and environments.

- Develop global, immediate business activation with “The Entrepreneurship Bridge” hubs network, providing each idea their regional expertise and knowledge

“The Entrepreneurship Bridge” global collaborative environment is open and non-exclusive to create an entrepreneurship network where universities, R&D centers, new technologies, professionals, investment partners (institutions, private enterprises, and individuals), among others can add value and use this collaborative environment to grow and consolidate their projects with a global scope.

Our Model

A model based on Talent, Network and Capital. These three key pillars support creating value-added entrepreneurship initiatives and higher success ratios for transforming them to real companies, as well as creating the best environment possible to support their development and growth.


Continuous global development (training, education) is the first pillar to attract and retain the talent needed to increase the value and know-how of every hub and their global platform.


Using new technologies to connect talent with investors and partners to activate initiatives with global potential creates a powerful platform to make them real. The support of Polytechnic University of Cartagena and the UP4 Agreement (the four Spanish polytechnic universities) is the initial step to link Europe with other areas of the world.


Creates immediate value for the other pillars. The ideas and products which generate their own resources will quickly demonstrate the value they add to the market, enhancing the attraction of new investors and financing to develop the initiative even further. The global environment exploits the capacity to be quick and agile and increases the chance of success.

Our Team

Passion for work. Work with feelings.

Teb Global was born out of the entrepreneurial spirit and strength of Sergio Cervantes.

Although he began his college and professional careers in telecommunication engineering, Sergio’s love of sports and his studies at the IE Business School in Madrid (el Instituto de Empresa de Madrid) truly shaped his future. After working on significant endeavors in Dubai and Singapore, he decided to use his expertise to assist successful projects and established businesses break into national and international markets.

Sergio has surrounded himself with colleagues who have not only supported him during the startup phase but who also add value as specialists in their different fields (telecommunications, energy, water, the food industry). He also collaborates with third-party agencies and highly experienced consultants in Madrid, San Francisco, Mexico City, Dubai, Singapore, and Melbourne.

To solidify the strength of this new undertaking, Sergio partnered with Esther Torres González, an attorney with ample legal business experience in Spain and in the United Arab Emirates, where she lived for eight years.

Together, Sergio and Esther founded Teb Global, The Entrepreneur’s Bridge, based in the gateway to the world for cultures throughout the ages, the Mediterranean port city of Cartagena, with permanent offices in Dubai and Singapore, two of the world’s fastest-growing cities and doors to the Middle East and Asia.

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Areas of Activity

We're a close team of creatives, designers & developers who work together to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences. We take pride in delivering only the best.

Incubate - Accelerate Startups

Promotes entrepreneurial spirit and training

Business development and consulting

Companies or initiatives already created which need a platform for global growth in different markets

Partners and Investment

Attract partners and investment for strategic initiatives

Entrepreneurship Support

Provide entrepreneurship support for strategic areas in global companies as requested


Our Focus of Interest

Accelerating ideas and business models which, by their differential added value, can attract the investment interest of our business angels, investment funds, and global companies network so they can develop and strengthen innovative activity in a globalized environment.

We look for quality over quantity: business models with a global application, development capability, knowledge, and talent applied to overall sustainable value.

Innovative ideas to meet unmet or improve existing needs.
Process Incubator
Technology and differential ideas

Capable of evolving so they maintain sustainable global competitive advantages; ideas with the possibility of supporting R&D initiatives that give substance to university research projects with presence in global markets.

Easy replication in other markets and related hubs

Maximizing the collaborative global environment and strengthening the bridge between entrepreneurs; quick global implementation as a competitive advantage provided by The Entrepreneurship Bridge with a lower level of investment and operational expenses.

Areas of Expertise

We move in a globalized world and at any stage, resources are limited, especially when creating new business environments. Therefore, the concentration and specialization of effort, knowledge, and development in specific sectors will facilitate the creation of 3T (talent, tissue and treasury) environments to configure a more powerful development platform for new business initiatives. We will focus on the following sectors:


Identifying. Negotiating. Incubating. Designing. Funding. Financing.

Process Incubator

Development Phase

After identification and selection of the idea, the other processes are carried out under a framework of global potential development through joint work with other partners

A Global Advice

Global Solutions for a Global World.

In addition to the creation of Startup, The Entrepreneurship Bridge is developing its business with comprehensive consulting for entrepreneurial companies seeking to launch new or boost existing lines of business, leveraging the knowledge, methodology, and international network of our team and associated partners.

teb global

Fixed fees (HF) for consultancy activities in the development and realization of the strategy

teb global

“Success Fee” (SF) for successful implementation measured by the increase of turnover or the constitution of an alliance / partnership defined as Strategic Action

Contact Us!

TEB Global

Pza San Francisco nº 1, Primero
Cartagena 30201, SPAIN.

  • Spain: +34 626682653
  • Dubai: +971 524219048
  • Singapore: +65 84202636